At Green Biozone we are pioneers in the development of our own ozone generating equipment and systems, each of them with personalized project design

Ozone Generating Equipment and Systems

In GreenBioZone we study each case to install the most suitable ozone generator system according to the situation of each company, offering you the equipment you need. And all this respecting the environment, because the ozone does not produce any type of residue achieving that your company image is reinforced.

Our privileged location, Palos de la Frontera (Huelva), gives us an important work area for research and continuous evolution of our equipment.

What is an ozonizer, and what is it for?

An ozonizer is a machine that generates ozone artificially, to be used in odour elimination, disinfection and cleaning of environments, water treatment and purification, and even in medical treatments.

Ozone is the most effective disinfectant and with it increases the quality of the air and the environment, since it does not require chemical products. However, as it cannot be stored or transported, we have to create it by means of ozone generators.

How do ozone generators work?

An ozone generator is a device capable of transforming the oxygen (O2) in the air into ozone (O3). Its operation is based on the production of electrical discharges that energetically activate the atoms of the oxygen molecule by uniting them in threes.

For the manufacture of ozone there are various systems such as ceramic plates, vacuum valves, etc.


Ozone Equipment in Irrigation

They are equipments that generate ozone and mix it with the irrigation water. The equipment and its entire project is individualized because if the ozone does not reach the most unfavorable points of the crop in the correct concentrations, the desired effect will not be achieved. Green Biozone equipment is giving spectacular results, especially in the Huelva area (where it started). It is essential to monitor the effectiveness of the equipment over time, something that other companies are not doing.


Ozone Equipment for Cold Rooms

These equipments are installed inside the chambers, they have a probe to guarantee the homogeneous ozonization in every moment of its cold installation, so that the environment is under the same conditions of environmental health, achieving that the fruit lasts longer in optimal conditions.


Soil disinfection equipment

A compact piece of equipment, which is incorporated into the harrow or plow, to achieve soil disinfection at the same time as the work of the equipment selected by the farmer is carried out.


Industrial Disinfection Equipment

These are equipment for cleaning and disinfecting cellars and barrels, for example, or all those facilities that may need to be cleaned and disinfected. Mobile equipment for the application of ozonized water under pressure. They can be used for the elimination of Anisoles and Brettanomyces, it is an alternative to the non-contaminating chlorine and much more practical.


Equipment to disinfect, wash or purify

Ozone generator prepared for those places that need to be disinfected, washed or purified with water, homes, machines, fruits, utensils or industrial vehicles. This model is grouped with a self-starting system by water flow. No need for any operator to start it up.
Its ozone production will be different, depending on each client.


Equipment for foliar treatment

They are equipment that are adapted to the treatment equipment. They generate ozone in an autonomous way and it is ozonized continuously to the treatment water. The system is patented by Green Biozone. Each equipment is designed according to the customer’s needs (mainly water type and treatment equipment model). So far, many farmers treat with ozonized irrigation water, filling the tank with it, with good results but not comparable with being able to ozonize at the same time as it is treated. It is also important to study the treatment equipment, because for the best result it is important to make a wetting that provides an optimal leaf coverage.